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Stop thefts

Boost sales, use insights


for smart stores

Why PinPoint® is the new frontier in theft protection

Current EAS systems are being beaten by criminals. 

Thieves are buying metal detachers and using foil and other tricks to fool conventional Bluetooth/ WiFi and RFID systems.

PinPoint® is different.

It beats previous EAS systems by using Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology, so it ends the arms race of magnetic muscle strength.

Designed to outsmart even the most experienced criminals, PinPoint® tags can’t be removed, cut or shielded without instantly sounding the alarm and alerting staff via the app.

PinPoint® makes you smart store ready as it stops theft, boost sales and gives insight…

PinPoint® stops theft.

PinPoint® alerts you to loss before other systems so staff can proactively intervene and prevent thefts before they happen.

PinPoint® boosts sales.

Never again lose potential sales where customers don’t get the attention they need fast enough. 

PinPoint® insights = opportunities.

Loss Prevention professionals and Merchandisers can make smarter decisions about theft risk and sales opportunities.


PinPoint® stops theft.

How it works

Sekura Global installs the PinPoint® UWB beacons and app in your store. PinPoint® smart tags are quick & easy to attach and look similar to other Sekura tags.

Unlike other tags and EAS technologies, PinPoint® is a 2-way security system from the tag to the beacon and back again. It connects to a store-based cloud system to track and report the exact real-time location of every tagged product in the store.

Alert 1

A tagged product flashes and staff members are sent an instant alert by the app, pinpointing the exact location, if the product is carried into an Alert Zone, designated by a store manager.

Alert 2

The tag’s alarm sounds and staff are alerted if a thief removes a PinPoint® tag with a magnet, cuts the lanyard, blocks the signal by foil, etc. Staff can quickly and discreetly intercept and prevent a possible theft before it happens. No theft. No confrontation. No escalation.

PinPoint® insights = opportunities.

Store managers and head office can now minimise loss and maximise sales through PinPoint® insights.

How it works:

It collects long-term location data. So you can understand all your in-store activity. 

Minimise loss:

  • Pinpoints where tags are tampered with.
  • Tracking the most common paths through the store where stolen items are taken.
  • Map theft ‘blind spots’ and frequent theft areas.
  • Alert or redeploy staff to high-risk theft areas.

Maximise sales:

  • Spot areas where sales are lost
  • Track tag paths to pinpoint both cross-selling opportunities and where customers need help understanding complex products.
  • Map ‘dead zones’ where customers rarely go, to identify areas to reconfigure.
  • PinPoint® is a cross-funding opportunity for both merchandisers and loss-prevention professionals: costs can be shared.


The new frontier in theft prevention

  • Safer: it issues alerts and self-alarms if they’re cut, shielded or removed in unauthorised zones.
  • Better: it locates tags within 10cm. Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS systems can be meters away. 
  • Better: it beats Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS as it suffers no signal interference. 
  • Cheaper: it’s Up to 33% cheaper than conventional EAS systems.
  • Wider: it’s 8x the range of an RFID receivers, and up to 2x the range of Bluetooth/ WiFi
  • Faster: it’s up to 27Mbps: faster than other EAS systems’, for instant in-store intelligence.
  • Simpler: it can replace/ work alongside existing EAS systems.

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