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The BoxGrip





Save money…

BoxGrip SR is the No.1 Security Solution for protecting boxed products in store.

Rapid to lock, release and remove as it’s the only self-retracting box solution.

…because time equals money

£6.84 potential savings per tag every 3 years

Doesn’t sound realistic?

BoxGrip: the only box tag giving you time to support customers and give money back to you.

Protect from mini to massive

2 sizes fit all. So you can reduce your multiple sizes.
Our Standard BoxGrip protects 90% of boxed products.
Our XL BoxGrip fits the other 10%.


1.9m pull-out


1m pull-out

BoxGrip’s 3-Alarm System

1 Self-alarms when passing EAS system

2 Self-alarms if tampered with in store
e.g. if a cable is cut.

3 Activates EAS system if taken outside store

Warning Beep

BoxGrip also emits a ‘warning beep’ when it approaches the EAS system, to warn genuine customers that it needs removing.

Ever been paid to use a box tag?


Our BoxGrip® saves you money and pays you back.
You save time as it’s self-retracting, rapid to apply and rapid to remove.
It’s so fast that you save £2.28 in labour time each year for every BoxGrip, compared to a non-self-retracting box tag.

Saving you £6.84 for each BoxGrip every 3 years.
That’s more than you can buy them for!

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The BoxGrip®

The only self-retracting box tag

Save £6.84 for each BoxGrip every 3 years.


  • Quick: Rapid press-button lock and release
  • Easy: No tangle cables automatically draw tight around the box
  • Better: No tangle easy storage
  • Simple: works with standard lock, Superlock and S3 detachers
  • Long: Long lasting, replaceable battery
  • Strong: Ultra-tough polycarbonate


From £5.63 each.