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At Sekura Global our Social, Environmental and Economic pillars balance the demands of the present, with the needs of protecting the future. Because we know that every small change or innovation we make can create a much larger impact.

Our People

Wherever you are in the world, our team can reach you.  We’re your perfect partner for loss prevention: we bring together the best talent across product design, research and development, consulting, technology, project management to come together as one unified team.

With our network of multi-talented, top-tier specialists working collaboratively on your priorities, you know you’re getting world-class support for your business.

We’re one unified team working together on the same goal – your goal.


The location of our offices are strategic to the footprint of our global retail clients.  We strive every day to be more accessible, more agile, more available for our clients no matter where their stores are placed.

Our HQ is in Colchester, UK and we have offices, warehouses, customer service teams and consultants in USA, Canada, Germany and Australia.  We provide the same commitment and the same level of service to every region.

Research and Development

We continually push the boundaries of knowledge, understanding and innovation. We listen to your Loss Prevention challenges and develop specific security solutions to provide you a quick ROI.